A First-Look Into Penis Enlargement Methods – Do They Work?

By: Dr. Lenny Kravitz

Here, I, Dr. Kravtiz will cover various penis enlargement methods for you.

These are generally considered “natural” methods because they do not include surgery.

There are various sorts of penis pumps accessible available, yet they all have a similar activity component.

Penis Pumps: Do They Work?

The pump should be set over your penis, after which you have to pump it. This can be refined by utilizing your hands or on account of battery worked pumps, you should simply push the required catch. This helps drives the let some circulation into of barrel to make a vacuum.

This technique additionally attracts blood to the penis, helping it end up noticeably erect.

One noticeable pump is called the Bathmate – it has revolutionized the penis pump industry.

After your penis has turned out to be erect, the tightening ring/band should be slid down to the finish of the penis, to ensure that the blood doesn’t get away from your penis. After this, you have to discharge the vacuum and expel the pump.

You can then endeavor sex, yet ensure that you don’t go past 30 minutes, after which you should evacuate the tightening band. This is the time allotment that is viewed as safe for utilizing, and anything over that implies you are putting your penis at a danger of harm.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

If you’re more curious, you should learn more about how penis pumps treat erectile dysfunction.

What About Vacuum Penis Pumps?

Vacuum pumps are an antiquated and sort of parodied form of penis enlargement. Most male enhancement offerings fit into the former category. What pumps do is that they draw blood to the penis and make it enlarge, and they’re often used for erectile dysfunction.

What to expect from using penis pumps.

People expect for positive outcome from penis pumps usage. They expect that their impotency ad need for penis enlargement problem would be solved by these pumps. They also expect their usage wouldn’t result to any health complications.

Proper usage of penis pumps can make a good remedy for sexual dissatisfaction resulting from men impotency.

Are Pills and Lotions Even Effective?

Pills and lotions are some of the easiest products to use because all you have to do is ingest them or apply the lotion. Some brands actually have product packages that include both, and some packages also have programs. These programs have manuals and instruction booklets, possibly YouTube videos, that show how to do exercises to increase the length and girth of the penis.

Is Penis Stretching a Viable Option?

Stretching is when an extender or stretcher device is attached to the penis. These devices put traction down on the penis. A couple small studies have shown increases of about half an inch to an inch or more of this type of device use.

Whatever methods you choose to increase the length of the male penis, realize that there is always penis surgery. This shouldn’t be used except in extreme circumstances, where there is a case of the micro penis. The micro penis is a real disease. It is when the penis is way too short for what it should be.

Penis Exercises

Sometimes, exercises are sold alone. The way that they’re sold is that they usually come in the form of information booklets that you purchase over the Internet. Basically, whatever exercises are used, they use a hand motion to push blood from the base of the penis to the head.


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