How many cells in an adult human?
Over 50 trillion

What are the only cells without a nucleus?
Red blood cells

What are the longest cells in the body?
Nerve Cells

What is the longest, strongest bone in the body?

Where is 99% of the body’s calcium?

Bones and teeth

What is the hardest material in the body?

What is the body’s largest joint?

What is the body’s largest muscle?
Gluteus maximus

How many new white blood cells are made every day?

10 Billion

What does trabeculae mean?
Little Beams

How many bones in the skull?


Does the human neck have the same number of vertebrae as a giraffe?


Approximately how much of your body weight is muscle?

How fast can nerve impulses travel?
Up to 250 mph

Approximately how many scalp hairs fall out daily?

T or F: The outer surface of each hair is coated with dead cells to protect the hair?

What is the longest nerve in the body?

Nerves that interweave together are referred to as:

What does the left side of the brain control?
Logic and speech

What does the right side of the brain control?
Creative thinking

How many brain cells can one brain cell communicate with?

What does vagus mean (as in vagus nerve)?
The wanderer

How long is the spinal cord in most adults?
17 inches

How much skin does the body shed in an average lifetime?
40 lbs

How many taste buds are there on your tongue?
Over 10,000

How many odors can the sense of smell detect?
2,000 – 4,000

How many different tones can you detect?

How many times do you blink in a minute?
15 times

How many miles of blood vessels does the human body have?

How many gallons of blood does the heart pump a day?

3,600 gallons

What is the largest artery in the body?


Do the atria and ventricles of the heart hold the same volume of blood?

Another name for a red blood cell is?

Another name for a white blood cell is?

What are the four main blood groups?


What does a macrophage mean?
Big Eater

What is the super human hormone?

What gland is often referred to as the Master Gland?

What is a hiccup?

The diaphragm contracting rapidly

How much air can adult lungs hold?
About 3 liters

What are the 12 pairs of nerves attached to the brain?
Cranial nerves

What is a protein that speeds up a chemical reaction?

What is the soft inner part of long bones, where blood cells are made called?


Where do oxidative energy producing chemical reactions take place?


T or F: The average foot walks more than a thousand miles a year.

What percent of your body is water?

How long does it take for blood to circulate through the body?
23 seconds

What is the longest muscle in the body?


How many years does it take the cell structure of the skeleton to completely rejuvenate itself?
10 years

What is the only joint of the body with 360 degrees of rotation?

What is the single most preventable cause of death?
Cigarette smoking

Is it better to go to bed at the same time nightly or wake up at the same time each morning?
Most experts recommend getting up at the same time each morning.

What is the single most important thing you can do to prevent the transmission of infectious organisms?
Wash your hands.