Join Len at Empower Las Vegas

I am doing a NEW, very comprehenive Special 4-hour Session on Friday, April 20 in Las Vegas


Winning Weight Loss Strategies and Caloric Burning Extravaganza
4-hour precon

This special session is THE all-inclusive scientific review that bridges the gap to the fitness professional and personal trainer on understanding Successful Weight Management and Optimal Caloric Expenditure for women and men.
Part 1: The TRUTH about Successful Weight Loss
Topics include genetics, hormonal concerns, behavioral approaches, dieting, lifestyle management, exercise, maintenance, the most successful strategies, and future research directions. Fitness professionals and personal trainers will learn all key strategies to successfully implement successful weight management programs to overcome this unyielding epidemic.

Part 2: Calorie Burning Extravaganza
This engaging second part of this special session will present and discuss the latest scientific evidence on exercise programs that maximize caloric expenditure and fat loss during and immediately after the exercise session. TEN excellent programs that maximize caloric expenditure (with actual laboratory videos of each) will be presented.

This session is a must attend session for fitness professionals wanting to maximize weight loss and caloric expenditure goals of their clients.

Hope to see you there!